Tuesday, August 03, 2004

After Boston

After Boston.... John F. Kerry didn't get a bounce out of his convention. As I surmised in my previous post, case? What case? Their candidate gave a speech that sucked and he didn't close the deal with the American people. The latest Gallup Poll finds President Bush out in front by six points. But this is no time for the President to rest on his laurels. August will be a month in which he will have to let the American people know his record and on it, tell them why he deserves to be elected to a second term in the White House. Normally this is the month official Washington goes on vacation. Not this year. We are not living in an ordinary time. There are great dangers besetting the country and we could win the War On Terror but for the lack of national unity at home. We're a far different country from the one we used to live in - consider how united we were during World War II and look at the absence of agreement on whether 9/11 even happened. The President's conduct of his campaign over the next few months and the American people's reaction to it will tell us if the Lunatic Left has been decisively defeated. Our future as a nation depends on what happens in November.


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