Friday, July 23, 2004

Case? What Case

My first blog.... its Friday and its a very normal weekend. The Democrats have found the just-released 9/11 Commission Report didn't give them the political ammunition they were looking for against President Bush. So there's no lead in to their convention in Boston on Monday. Its a big let down from several months of sustained attacks that blamed the President for sleeping through 9/11, to being too aggressive in responding to the terrorist attacks, and to failing to cater to the UN, Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder and Vladimir Putin. All of these lines were inconsistent and contradictory. They found their climax in the Michael Moore feature, Farenheit 9/11,  in which the President gets blamed for being too cozy with the Saudis, for profiting in Afghanistan with Unocal, and for getting bogged down in Iraq.  There are charges that can't be verified and in the Moore picture, a view of the Administration's policies that are too absurd too be believable. The Democrats wanted to have a solid case to make against the President on national security and they find themselves instead of arguing John F. Kerry deserves to be President on the basis of his credentials in Vietnam! I think Americans want to know how their President is going to protect our country in the future. Its still a dangerous world out there.